Glass Double Butt Plug 15cm (Free Shipping)


Glass Butt Plug,The Double Butt Plug
Crystal Glass Butt Plug

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It doesn’t matter how you see it! Whether it is a work of art or as an anal sex toy, the Double Butt Plug can stimulate you visually or sexually. Using two bulbous heads, you can give yourself heightened anal pleasures.

As you insert the plug you can have fun working the plug in two stages. First insert the lead bulbous head and feel as your anus starts to stretch. Then enjoy the slender shaft before taking in the second bulbous head. When that is accomplished, enjoy the feeling of not only a good anal stretch, but the two bulbous heads sitting inside of your anal cavity.

The smooth, tempered glass means you’ll only have to focus on your pleasures and not any discomfort from the plug. The Double Butt Plug can also be used for thermal play. Simply heat up or cool down the plug for additional sensations during anal sex.

Double Butt Plug Specs & Benefits:

Measurements: 6″ in length and 1.75″ in diameter at widest point

Color: Clear

Material: Smooth, non-porous glass

Can be enjoyed for thermal (temperature) play

Let the two bulbous heads give you a satisfying anal stretch

The glass is also hypoallergenic and works with any lubricant